Having as a primary goal your excellent and complete convenience, our team at Europsiktiki Design has developed a complete services program, which focuses on the following key areas:

Design Concepts – Retail Design solutions & Space Planning

The specialised team of our Shop Fitting Experts combines classic and new materials and manages to design & create highly elegant and functional projects .

Technology - Construction Materials & Business Equipment

The production machinery in conjunction with the highest quality materials contribute to the optimum result in terms of economy, quality, production time and delivery. The construction materials and professional equipment adhere to the international standards of quality assurance with respect to the natural environment and are suited for comfort, safety and functionality of each designed space.
Customized Solutions & Installation

Construction solutions for your specific goals, since each site has unique needs and its own potential. The construction is based on the design solution of your choice, and is carried out with the highest construction and installation standards, in order to ensure maximum safety and functionality of your site.
Maintenance & Renovation

We are here to support you after the delivery of the project, providing control, maintenance and renewal of your workplace, and to ensure the smooth operation of your business according to international quality and safety standards.